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V (Asia Tour Limited Edition)

V (Asia Tour Limited Edition)

  • Rs. 395.00

Maroon 5Ÿ??s smash hit album re-booted now with 9 new songs including the hot new single Ÿ??This SummerŸ??s GonnaŸ??Ÿ??.
Tracks Listing

1. Animals
2. It Was Always You
3. Unkiss Me
4. Sugar
5. Leaving California
6. In Your Pocket
7. New Love
8. Coming Back For You
9. Feelings
10. My Heart Is Open Feat: Gwen Stefani
11. This Summer'S Gonna Hurt Like A Mother F****Er
12. Shoot Love
13. Sex And Candy
14. Lost Stars
15. Maps (Rumba Whoa Remix Feat : J. Balvin)
16. Maps (Slaptop Remix)
17. Animals (Danny Olson Remix)
18. Animals (Gryffin Remix)
19. Sugar Feat: Nicki Minaj Remix

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