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The Happiness Quotient

The Happiness Quotient

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Is it possible to achieve excellence in the corporate world and still be happy?

The Happiness Quotient tells you how. Dr. Rekha Shetty, Ph.D, is the founder of the Minds power brand and managing director of Firstar Distribution Network Ltd, a twenty year old consulting company working exclusively on innovation initiatives and work life balance. Her thoughts come from a deep study of many disciplines: Management, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History and Spirituality. Her ideas are practiced in over 30 countries.

The Indian tradition shows us that positive, radiant happiness is our birth right, and the programme outlined in this book illustrates how to achieve it for ourselves. The Happiness quotient (HQ) is a concept that measures approximately, the measure of happiness each person has achieved in his life. This book provides a blueprint to increase oneŸ??s HQ. It starts by describing the creation of a positive mind space, one that nurtures the positive emotions that increase happiness. It also discusses the impact of negative fields and how to avoid them.

Antihappiness traps, too, find a special place in this book. They require special identification as they can be very misleading, like a comfortable golden cage full of fruit, must seem to a free flying parrot. Whatever the external circumstances may be, the individual is responsible for his inner state. Events are not under our control, but our perceptions and reactions to them are. This book is an investment in LifeŸ??s greatest prize Ÿ?? Happiness.

About the Author

Dr Rekha Shetty, Ph.D, is the founder of the Mindspower brand and managing director of Farstar Distribution Network Ltd, a twenty-year old consulting firm working exclusively on innovation initiatives and work-life balance. She consults for some of the region's foremost blue chip companies. She is keenly involved in social action and is one of the first women Rotary International governors in Asia and a recipient of the Service above Self Award. Her other books include The Way to a Healthy Heart: The Zero Heart Attack Path; Portable Roots, Corporate Strategy: Mindpower Innovation and Innovate! 90 Days to Transform Your Business.

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