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The Dark Side of Light

The Dark Side of Light

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The Dark Side of Light, Sanil SacharŸ??s second book, promises a unique literary experience for readers, with its combination of short stories, poems and plays, vignettes of romance, comedy, murder, mystery and much more.
Offering a diverse pick, Sanil seamlessly combines the rhythm of poetry, the allure of storytelling and the realism of theatre to create an enriching and vivid experience. Some pieces transport you to a different world, while others allude to everyday experiences. Set in the year 2034, Ÿ??Members OnlyŸ?? takes you inside IndiaŸ??s first strip club and asks existential questions about a personŸ??s identity, through the story of a young man who oscillates between love and lust. Ÿ??Painted RedŸ?? is about a brother dealing with the loss of a sibling and brings alive basic human emotions like wrath and vengeance. Navigating through an array of everyday emotions, Ÿ??Dinner with the TurnersŸ?? is a laugh riot that peeps into the life of a hopeless young wanderer trying to find his identity in a foreign land. Ÿ??IŸ??ll Be There One DayŸ?? is a short and powerful story about belonging, while mystery and wavering thoughts dominate Ÿ??The Conditioned AirŸ??.
Racy and pulsating, The Dark Side of Light, is a celebration of the coming together of three different literary forms, with their distinct flavours intact.

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