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Superman/Wonder Woman: War and Peace - Vol. 2

Superman/Wonder Woman: War and Peace - Vol. 2

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To stop Doomsday from destroying his adopted planet, Superman fought him to the bitter end. But with one threat gone, a new one surfaces in the very body of the Last Son of Krypton. Superman must fight a battle within his own mind, body and heart with the help of the woman he loves. With their combined might, it still may not be enough to save the doomed Superman.

This volume collects Superman/Wonder Woman #8-12, Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1, Wonder Woman Futures End #1 and Superman/Wonder Woman Futures End #1.

"It's like a good first date; one can't be sure where things are going to go, but so far it's gone well enough to want the second."--Comic Book Resources

"Its strong characterization and impactful art enough to leave me wanting more."--IGN

"You will be left hanging and hungering for more."--ComicVine

About the Author

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Charles Soule is a writer of novels (graphic and otherwise), comics, screenplays and stories of all types. He plays the guitar fairly well and speaks at least one language. Currently he is the writer of DC's series Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns.