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Stand, Speak, Deliver!

Stand, Speak, Deliver!

  • Rs. 299.00

37 short speeches on how to survive - and thrive - in public speaking and presenting
Ÿ?? The 37 short speeches all follow a simple, perfect structure which will soon become imprinted in the mind of the reader
Ÿ?? Each speech focuses on two or three key tips to get right in one aspect of speaking or presenting, for example on vocal variety or persuasive speaking.
Ÿ?? Each speech is fun and a joy to read.
Ÿ?? Contains sample, real speeches with comment and analysis from the author. Public speaking and presenting rank in the top ten of people's greatest fears. Yet being able to speak coherently and persuasively in a speech, seminar or meeting room is important when progressing our careers and living our lives to the fullest. In this book, 37 short, lively and pithy speeches tell us how to construct and deliver a speech or presentation. Each example speech follows a simple, perfect structure which will soon become imprinted in your mind. Each focuses on one facet of speaking and gives you the very essentials picked up by the author over 25 years of experience. Stand, Speak, Deliver! will enable you to learn how to use your eyes, vary your voice and move your body. It will also look at how to inform, entertain, humour, persuade, motivate or inspire the audience; how to present, to colleagues or clients; how to introduce a speaker; and how to wow as best man. And you will discover the ultimate secret...! Read the book and you will survive as a speaker. Follow it and you will thrive!

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