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Sampoorna Hanuman Puja & Sunderkand Path (DVD)

Sampoorna Hanuman Puja & Sunderkand Path (DVD)

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First time on DVD, a complete Sunderkand Paath and a guide to perform the Hanuman Puja in an authentic and grand fashion at your own home!Includes:Invocation ShlokaInformation about Sunderkand Paath and Hanuman PujaSignificance of Puja, Materials required for PujaComplete Sunderkand PaathHanuman Puja explanation, Puja Vidhi (rituals), Aarti and more.Sunderkand is that popular chapter of the Tulsi-Ramayan that showcases the devotion of Lord Hanuman towards Lord Ram. Readings of the Sunderkand are a common practice in millions of Hindu families in India. The Hanuman Puja accompanies the Sunderkand Paath, for the purpose of invoking Lord Hanuman and seeking His blessings.
This project captures the essence of the Paath and performing the Puja and related rituals in great detail. This DVD is the FIRST product of its kind which includes detailed Puja instructions, music and interesting information on the Puja and the Sunderkand Paath.The Puja is performed across the country. In view of this fact, this DVD is available in 2 languages Hindi andEnglish. You can get the introduction and instructions onall the steps of the Puja in these 2 languages.
Ved Murti Shri Mandar Khaladkar Guruji and his team of 5 Pundits take a family through the entire Puja process. Guruji instructs and guides the family through the rituals and the chants of the 6 priests creates a divine ambience.
Ved Murti Shri Mandar Khaladkar is an expert in the vedas and runs a Ved Pathshala in Pune. He is known for performing Pujas both in India and abroad. His trademark style includes an ability to explain Puja Vidhis in a very simple manner and a musical recitation of mantras.Pt. Rattan Mohan Sharma, singer of some of Indias bestselling devotional albums (Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra among others), leads his band Brahma Naad in reciting the Sunderkand Paath and in performing some essential Hanumanshlokas, aartis, bhajans and the Hanuman Chalisa. This high quality music substantially raises the quality of the devotional experience.

Track Listings-

1.Gajananam (Invocation Shlok)
2.The Real Meaning of a Puja
3.Vakratunda Mahakaya (Ganesh Shlok)
4.The Essential Elements of a Puja
5.Manojavam (Hanuman Shlok)
6.About Ramayan & Sunderkand
7.Puja Materials and Set-up
8.Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak
9.Purva Puja (Ganesh Puja)10.
10.Hanuman Panchopchar Puja
11.Saraswati Puja Ÿ?? Puja of the Sunderkand book
12.Sunderkand Path (from the Ramcharitmanas) Ÿ?? Introduction and musical recital
13.Hanuman Chalisa Ÿ?? Introduction and musical recital
14.Hanuman Aarti
15.Ramayanji Ki Aarti
16.Mantrapushpanjali and Aashirvachan

Studio / Distributor: Strumm Entertainment
Format: DVD
Language: Hindi
ISBN: 4214400674
EAN: 8904214400675
Binding: DVD

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