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Mattel Tumblin' Monkey Game

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The Mattel Tumblin' Monkey game is a classic game of action and fun that is simple to play. The Tumblin' Monkey game is perfect for younger children. This amazing game offers a fun-filled time for not only the kids but also guarantees smiles and giggles from the entire family.

Simple to Play

The Mattel Tumblin' Monkey game is a great game that is quite simple and offers loads of fun for your little ones. The players place monkeys in trees and move sticks according to a coloured die. The one who collects the least number of monkeys becomes the winner. It does not require any reading and this makes the monkey tree game a favourite for your little one. The Tumblin' Monkey game comes with 30 monkeys, 30 sticks in three different colours and a special die. It is an ideal game for 2-4 players.

Teaches Patience

The Mattel games for kids are uniquely designed in such a way as to not only engross the child in fun and enjoyment but also ensure their overall development. The Mattel Tumblin' Monkey game teaches children the art of patience as they learn to sort the sticks while keeping in mind that they need to collect the least number of monkeys in the game.

Calculating Movements

The main aim of the Mattel Tumblin' Monkey tree game is to move the sticks according to the coloured die. At the same time, the players have to keep in mind that they need to secure the monkeys that are perched on the tree and not let them fall down.

Key Features
  • Mattel Tumblin' Monkey game is innovatively designed and is fun to play
  • Players have to move the stick according to the coloured die
  • Teaches the child patience and calculations for the movements
  • A perfect family game that can be played by kids and adults
  • The player with minimum number of monkeys is the winner
  • No reading required, which makes it perfect for the younger kids
  • Recommended age by manufacturer: 5 years and above

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