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Jaffer vs Sharief

Jaffer vs Sharief

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How does it feel to have two distinct personalities living within you? And what happens when these personalities collide? Jaffer Sharief has two distinct sides to his personality: Jaffer and Sharief. Sharief is idealistic, while Jaffer is practical; Sharief is thoughtful, while Jaffer is whimsical. Jaffer vs Sharief is about Jaffer ShariefŸ??s life, relationships, ambitions, identity and internal conflicts. Life puts him through severe tests, and yet he moves on, keeping his agonies close to his heart. On the one hand, he conquers many heights and on the other, he plunges into the depths of loss. But he accepts both with sagacity. From humble beginnings, he rises to one of the highest ranks in the ruling hierarchy of the country. But in the process, he loses what is most precious in a personŸ??s lifeŸ??his family. His ego (Jaffer) engages in a healthy duel with his conscience (Sharief). In this perpetual face-off, he himself plays the role of umpire. His judgement is balanced and impassionate. Finally, he leaves behind all the temptations of a mundane existence and sets out on a journey into the unknown, The story of a manŸ??s constant struggle with himself, Jaffer vs Sharief reflects the dilemmas we all have faced at some point, and in the process shows how oneŸ??s ultimate companion is oneŸ??s loneliness.

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