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It was Always You

It was Always You

  • Rs. 195.00

The best kind of love is that which you are unaware of...
The curtains rise at a book launch, where Aisha, a debutant author reads out her favourite excerpt from her first novella. The memories trapped in the pages of her book lead her back to her past; she begins narrating her own story Ÿ??Ÿ??a book in a bookŸ??.
Aisha, a simple school girl, growing up in Bengaluru, encounters a boy in a blue sweater at the bus stop. The boy in questionŸ??KabirŸ??a politicianŸ??s son, has been judged as a mirror-image of his unscrupulous father. It takes Aisha to discover the real Kabir Ÿ??a Ÿ??goodŸ?? boy, far removed from the messy world of his parents. Kabir and Aisha seem happy, until unexpected circumstances drive a wedge between them and wash away her joy. Will destiny ever bring them together? Will Ÿ??the book in the bookŸ?? find a satisfactory conclusion? Find out in this multi-layered love story.

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