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Harmony of Nature: Unwind. Create. Color

Harmony of Nature: Unwind. Create. Color

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Adult colouring book fans will delight in these beautifully drawn and inviting idyllic settings. Created by illustrator and paper-cutting artist Mihoko "garden" Kurihara, Harmony of Nature presents pastoral vignettes both whimsical and serene: squirrels and birds, field mice and rabbits, deer, butterflies, foxes, and more, all surrounded by halcyon havens of lush florals. Each drawing imparts a welcome sense of calm, and the book also includes eight pages of aspirational full-colour art plus two heavy-stock pages that can be cut out and used for framing or gift tags.

About the Author

Born in Tokyo in 1983, Mihoko "garden" Kurihara is a self-taught illustrator and paper cutting artist. She also studied engraving and glassblowing before starting her career as an accessories designer. In 2005, she became a full-time freelance artist. She has since produced many illustrations for books, magazines, and cartoons and has designed products for companies such as UNIQLO. She is the author of several paper cutting books in Japan, where she also lives. You can visit her website at

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