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Conversations with Mother

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China Zorrilla (Actor), Eduardo Blanco (Actor), Santiago Carlos Oves (Director) Rated: U (Universal) Format: DVD

Mom is eigthy-two and Jaime, her son is fifty. Both of them lives in different worlds. Jaime has a wife, and a mother-in-law fooling around. Mom lives alone and goes for herself like ever did. But one day Jaime gets fired and his world has got down. The hard moment that he is passing through leads him to take drastic decisions cause his economic situation is not like it used to be. Jaime and Dorita own moms apartment. Jaime realizes he has no choice: he must pay off a mortgage, he owes some money and he is delayed in the payment of the credit cards. When Jaime goes to the apartment to talk with mom bout saling it, something happens and all his expectations fall down, mom has a boyfriend and they have just become steady. Mom is planning to live with him in the apartment against all odds.

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