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Key Features A new novel from the author of Clive Avenue, this book explores the life of a JewishAmerican who moves to Chennai to be with her Tam Bram boyfriend A picture of contemporary Chennai with its quirks and oddities, its orthodox rules andthe possibility of bending them About the Book: Chennaivasi When Tam Bram boy Ravi and Jewish Americangirl Deborah fall in love, they decide to come toChennai to seek Ravi's parents' consent for themarriage. While they don't quite expect a readyacceptance, little do they suspect that they wouldend up stirring the vitals of the joint family. Set in the heart of Chennai, this is the delightfulstory of a father who disowns his son for goingagainst their traditions, of a mother caught betweena fuming husband and a US-returned son, of anAmerican girlfriend struggling to get used to beingstared at on the streets of Chennai, and of a young man caught in the middle of it all. About the Author: T.S. Tirumurti T.S.Tirumurti was born in Chennai, then Madras. He joined the Indian ForeignService in 1985 and has lived in Cairo, Geneva, Gaza, Jakarta, Washington and DC . Heis currently joint secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. This is hissecond novel.

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