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Cane and Abe

Cane and Abe

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Presumed Innocent meets Gone Girl in an explosive new psychological thriller from New York Times bestselling author James Grippando.

A respected prosecuting attorney in Miami, Abe Beckham is called in to consult when the FBI discovers a womanŸ??s body in the nearby Everglades. At first the agents think the woman is the victim of a serial killer who preys in the cane fields to the north. But despite some similarities, this murder soon proves to be different from the others. Then the cops find out that Abe knew the dead woman, a beautiful lawyer he finally admits to having dated briefly before his marriage. When AbeŸ??s wife goes missing, heŸ??s suddenly on the hot seat, going from prosecutor to suspect. He needs to find the killer fastŸ??but he no longer knows whom he can trust

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