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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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Ever since Batman retired a decade ago, Gotham City has only slipped deeper into disorder and debauchery. with his city needing him desperately, could Batman stay retired? Returning to trample the evil mutant gangs that have overtaken his beloved city, Batman, aka 55-year-old Bruce Wayne, along with Carrie Kelly, an adolescent, female version of Robin, combats his deadliest enemies, The Joker and Two-Face for one last time. But this time he must also battle his former friend, Superman and the battle promises to throw up only one survivor.

Written superbly and illustrated superlatively, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns does ample justice to the well-known character-beyond-comic-books, Batman. While reinventing such a popular character, the author of this volume, which is a collection of 4 comic issues, has taken care to keep the myth surrounding Batman intact. Not only does this book has a compelling story but also it boasts of excellent artwork that sometimes borders on the psychotic and claustrophobic.

With a plot that keeps readers glued to the series right until the last page, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was published by RHUS in 1997 as 10th anniversary edition and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

?˜This book is a New York Times bestseller.

  • It featured second on IGN Comics list of 25 Greatest Batman Graphic Novels.
  • Hailed as true masterpiece of storytelling, Time declared this volume to be one of 10 best English language graphic novels ever written.
  • The book has been adapted into the popular film by the same name and has also provided fodder for various television series.

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