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Batgirl Vol. 2: Knightfall Descends (The New 52)

Batgirl Vol. 2: Knightfall Descends (The New 52)

  • Rs. 999.00

Batgirl Barbara Gordon faces foe after foe now that she's back in the role of Batgirl. A deadly new gentleman killer, Grotesque,?˜stalks the streets of Gotham City; The Court of Owls sets its sight on her father Commissoner Gordon; and an innocent woman?˜sentenced to Arkham emerges more dangerous than the innmates she was locked up with!

A new chapter in the riveting adventures of Batgirl continue in stunning fashion, with script by fan-favorite Gail Simone and?˜stellar art by superstar Ardian Syaf!

"This is a must-buy series."Ÿ??The New York Times

"Simone and artist Ardian Syaf not only do justice to Babs' legacy, but build in a new complexity that is the starting point for a future full of new storytelling possibilities. A hell of a ride."Ÿ??IGN

"Simone gets the wit and warmth of Barbara's voice...Syaf's art is terrific."Ÿ??Time Out Chicago

"It's good to see Barbara Gordon kicking ass in the cowl again...Ardian's Syaf's artwork is enjoyably dynamic."Ÿ??io9

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