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Aquaman Vol. 2: The Others (The New 52)

Aquaman Vol. 2: The Others (The New 52)

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Long before the King of the Seven Seas joined the Justice League, Aquaman was a part of another super-team: The Others. These young costumed adventurers traveled the globe, each trying to find their own individual road to redemption.

Six years later after a grisly murder, The Others are reunited. They know only one man could be responsible: Black Manta. Aquaman must lead the charge to stop his arch-nemesis, but will the years have fractured The Others just enough to keep them from bringing this villain to justice?

By the critically acclaimed creative team behind BLACKEST NIGHT Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, AQUAMAN VOLUME 2: THE OTHERS is the heart-stopping heart stopping follow up to the #1 New York Times best-selling AQUAMAN VOLUME 1: THE TRENCH. This volume collects issues #7-13.

?˜"Aquaman has been a rollicking good ride."Ÿ??Mtv Geek

"Aquaman" has surprised some comic fans and won consistent critical and popular acclaim. Don't you think it's time to find out what all the hubbub is about?"Ÿ??Comic Book Resources

"With Reis on art and Johns using his full creative juices, Aquaman is constantly setting the bar higher and higher."Ÿ??Craveonline

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