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All Star Superman

All Star Superman

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The amazing creative team of writer Grant Morrison (BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM) and artist Frank Quitely (WE3) join forces to take Superman back to basics and create a new vision of the World's First Super-Hero. This trade paperback collection features the first twelve issues of the acclaimed series. Witness the Man of Steel in exciting new adventures featuring Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Bizarro, and more.

Grant Morrison is one of the deftest superhero-comics writers of the moment, . . .?˜ His collaboration with the artists Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant, is full of mad, cartwheeling invention and airy open spacesŸ??. Clever.Ÿ??Ÿ??NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

Ÿ??[MorrisonŸ??s] affection for the Superman cast shines through on every page as he homes in on their iconic demeanorsŸ??Ÿ??quietly noble Superman, bumbling Clark Kent, suspicious Lois Lane, boyishly enthusiastic Jimmy Olsen, and brilliantly evil Lex Luthor. . . . .Meanwhile, collaborator Quitely shows that he might be the perfect comic book artist: subtle when necessary, cartoonish when appropriate, and adroit with the action sequences. Together, writer and artist devise a Man of Steel who is both respectfully classic and excitingly contemporary.Ÿ?? Ÿ??BOOKLIST (starred review)

Ÿ??Morrison . . .?˜ get[s] what's fun about Superman: He's ridiculously powerful, and therefore he just sees and does and has lots of incredibly cool, totally bizarre stuff. ?˜. .?˜ The sky isn't even close to the limit: time machines, nanonauts, sun-eaters, a super-dense sphere of black kryptonite from the Underverse, it's all good.Ÿ??Ÿ??TIME MAGAZINE Best Comics of 2007

SALON, Best Comics of 2007

EW.Com, Best Comic Books of 2007

Ÿ??A stirringly mythic emotionally resonant, and gloriously alternative take on the Man of Steel.Ÿ??Ÿ??ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Ÿ??Taking the Man of Steel back to his roots and into the future at the same time, All Star Superman is exciting, bold and supercoolŸ??all the makings of a classicŸ??Ÿ??Variety

?˜Ÿ??The most enjoyable incarnation of Superman in almost 30 years...Ÿ??Ÿ??THE A.V. CLUB

?˜Ÿ??The Paul McCartney/John Lennon of comics, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, are currently working their magic on All Star Superman.Ÿ??Ÿ??NASHVILLE CITY PAPER

Ÿ??Writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely might just be the best one-two punch in comics. . . . QuitelyŸ??s finely detailed art style and MorrisonŸ??s sensationally cerebral and witty storytelling have taken this simple re-imagining of SupermanŸ??s life and made it a must read series.Ÿ??Ÿ??METRO TORONTO, Best Ongoing Comic Book Series of 2006

Ÿ??A quirky, fun - and poignant - throwback to classic comic-book adventures, courtesy of writer Grant Morrison and artists Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant.Ÿ??Ÿ?? WINSTON SALEM JOURNAL

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